Home Care for the Stroke Patient:
Living in a Pattern

Revised and updated in 1996 due to popular demand, this key title describes, in simple terms, the problems encountered by the patient and the patient's family and friends during recovery from stroke. It shows how care in the home can reinforce the work carried out by professional experts as the patient learns to live in a 'recovery pattern.'


A planned and progressive exercise programmed
Active involvement of the patient in his/her own rehabilitation

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Home Care for the Stroke Patient
(CLIP-EX Software Package)

This CLIP-EX software package provides a database of over 130 exercise illustrations and instructions. Using the in-built Physio Tools sorting system the user can employ a pick and mix approach to create individualised instruction sheets for each patient, it also enables the therapist to store, retrieve and update the instructions given to patients and their carers, at each treatment session.

This is invaluable to anyone using the methods described in the other two books on this flyer.

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Restoration of Normal Movement after Stroke

This book, updated with scientific backing, published in 1995 for the World Confederation for Physical Therapy, presented in June 1995 in Washington DC, provides a complete practical guide to the techniques and rehabilitation programmes developed by Margaret Johnstone, it gives an insight into the problems of stroke patients and their families, and provides a guide to the therapeutic management of the patient from the onset of stroke to the recovery. The importance of a team approach to the restoration of muscle function is strongly emphasised, making this text useful for all those involved in the rehabilitation of stroke patients,

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